The check-in will be 10 minutes before the departure time at the boarding ramp of Cala Galdana(Link to Google Maps).

The return must be punctual or there will be an economic penalty.



Although at Monkey Boat Menorca we love animals, it is not allowed to embark any type of animal, no matter how small it may be. We are obliged to inform you that we will not be able to refund the deposit of a reservation because the service is refused despite having received this same notice both in the terms and conditions of the website, in the description of the boat and in the email confirmation of the reservation.

Purchase policy and payment returns

In case the weather conditions are not suitable for navigation, a new day will be offered available and if it is not possible the deposit will be returned.

Cancellations of reservations are allowed if they are notified 7 days before the date of the start of the contracted reservation.

The refund of 100% of the amount of the reservation will be refunded through the payment method with which the initial transaction was made.

The full amount of the reservation would also be refunded by accrediting the cancellation of flights to Menorca by restrictions on the movement by COVID-19 imposed by the governments of the country of origin or Spain.

Maximum navigation distance (Not applicable to our boats with qualification)

Legally, our 15 HP pleasure boats without a qualification have a navigation limit of two miles from the cala galdana boarding ramp, and navigation must always be daytime, between ortho and sunset. The routes we recommend are these:

To the West: Macaralle, Macarelleta, Calan Turqueta and des Talaier.
To the East: Cala Mitjana, Cala Mitjaneta, Trebaluger, Fustán and Escorxada.

The price includes solarium, staircase, fridge, awning and fuel.

Claim for incidents during the service:

The customer must appear at the sales booth just after disembarking from the service he has contracted, in the event that he wants to allege incidents that have not allowed him to enjoy the service in the conditions he had contracted. The commercial that attends you will evaluate if there is a logical cause to compensate for said claim and will proceed to offer, or not, different options that include the total, partial refund or the assignment of a new schedule, among others.

Complaints will not be dealt with at a later date than the reservation!

In the event that no agreement is reached, the customer will continue to have the option to exercise his right to fill out a claim form that will be provided by the commercial, with a copy for the client, the company and the administration.

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