A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft designed for paddling. It is typically a one- or two-person boat that is propelled forward by a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks have a long history and are used for various purposes, including recreation, sport, fishing, and transportation. Where to rent a kayak in Menorca? We help you to get the best price and service in the island.



Kayak renting in Menorca: a different way to know the island


Here are some key features and characteristics of a kayak:


  • Shape and Design: Kayaks are usually long and slim, with a pointed bow and stern. This design allows for easier maneuverability and efficient movement through the water. They can be made of different materials, such as plastic, fiberglass, or composite materials.


  • Cockpit: A kayak has a cockpit or seating area where the paddler(s) sit. The cockpit is enclosed, with the paddler’s legs positioned inside the boat. Some kayaks have a spray skirt that can be used to seal the cockpit, keeping water out and providing additional protection in rough conditions.


  • Paddles: Kayakers use a double-bladed paddle to propel themselves forward. The paddle has blades on both ends, allowing for efficient and symmetrical strokes on both sides of the kayak. Paddles can vary in size and material, depending on the intended use and personal preference.


  • Stability: Kayaks can have different levels of stability, ranging from stable recreational kayaks designed for calm waters to narrower and more agile kayaks designed for maneuverability in rougher conditions. The stability of a kayak depends on its width, hull shape, and overall design.


  • Types of Kayaks: There are various types of kayaks available, each designed for specific purposes. Recreational kayaks are wider and more stable, suitable for calm waters and casual paddling. Sea kayaks are longer and more streamlined, built for open water and longer trips. Whitewater kayaks are designed for navigating rapids and fast-moving rivers.


  • Accessories: Kayaks can be equipped with additional accessories based on the intended use. This may include storage compartments, adjustable footrests, paddle holders, fishing rod holders, and deck rigging for securing gear.



Kayaking in Menorca is a popular water activity enjoyed by individuals of all ages and skill levels. It offers opportunities to explore lakes, rivers, coastal areas, and even participate in kayak-based sports such as white water kayaking or sea kayaking expeditions.


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